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About Muskoka Swim

Muskoka Swim started as a dream and a way to pay tribute to the gorgeous Muskoka region. We're a lifestyle brand that aims to inspire the active adventurer in everyone while ensuring each customer stays comfortable on all of their adventures. This is why we offer personalization options on each of our swimsuits, and our customers can easily pick the suit that fits their bodies like a dream.

So whether you want to choose your favourite colours, lake name, town, est date or coordinates, you can do it all with our swimwear.

We want you to feel at home on the water.

We appreciate all of your support and can’t wait to see you on the lake. 

With love,  





Our Mission

Our mission has always been to set a new standard for conscious consumption and creation. That's why we take the time to develop our products with a positive impact, honest value, and quality of design in mind.


Sustainability is also a cornerstone of our company, and everything — from the swimwear to the cotton drawstring bags and tags we use — is all eco-friendly. Our goal is to be as sustainable and good for the environment as possible to help preserve the stunning Muskoka region, lakes, streams, and oceans worldwide for future adventurers to enjoy and take in.

We exclusively use ECONYL® recyclable fabric to create our swimwear line. This fabric comes from old fishnets with other waste materials that could otherwise end up in the oceans and lakes. When you pair this eco-friendly approach with our dedication to quality, it's easy to see why Muskoka Swim has a solid reputation in the swimwear community.  

 eco packaging alliance

Our Partners

At Muskoka Swim, we make it a point to donate a percentage of our proceeds each year. We pick organizations that focus on giving back to this beautiful community and are committed to supporting and preserving the environment and local wildlife. So, any customer can rest assured that they're helping us do our part in safeguarding regions like Muskoka around the world when they purchase our products or share the word about our store.

This year, proceeds will be donated to our friends at Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary.



What are you waiting for? Adventure awaits!

We invite you to dive in and see the Muskoka Swim brand difference. We guarantee you're going to love the fit and the way you look.